Policies & Procedures

Policy or Procedure Type Related Core Attachments
7AAD Staining of Nonviable Cells Procedure flowcytometry
ABMS Policies Policy massspec The Analytical and Biological Mass Spectrometry Policies.pdf
Accounts Policy flowcytometry
Apoptosis by Tunel Procedure flowcytometry
Apoptosis with Annexin/PI Procedure flowcytometry
Approval for Flow Analysis or Cell Sorting Policy flowcytometry
Becoming a core user Policy fgc
Billing Address Policy azgc
Cell Culture Samples Procedure electronimaging Cell Culture Prep for TEM_0.pdf
Cell Cycle with PI Procedure flowcytometry
Cell Suspensions Policy flowcytometry
Chemical Disclosure Policy nanofab
Consultation Requirements Policy flowcytometry
COVID-19 Continuity of Operations Policy and Use of Face Masks Policy fgc
Data Retention Policy Policy azgc
Direct Antibody Labeling Procedure flowcytometry
FGC Data Retention Policy Policy fgc
Grids Staining Procedure electronimaging Grids Staining.pdf
House Primers Service, Procedure azgc
Intracellular Cytokine Staining Procedure flowcytometry
Labeling with CFDA(CFSE) Procedure flowcytometry
Material Retention Policy Policy azgc
Micro/Nano Fabrication Center Emergency Response Guide Policy nanofab
Negative Staining for TEM Procedure electronimaging Negative Staining.pdf
Publishing Data Policy flowcytometry
Reagent Protocols Procedure azgc
Restrictions Policy flowcytometry
RII Core Facilities - Imaging Cores - Optical - Scheduling & cancellation policy Policy opticalimaging RII Core Facilities Imaging Cores Policy Update - sent to users and PIs 05-27-2021.pdf
Safety Requirements Policy nanofab mfc_safety_tour_participant_checklist_.pdf
Safety Training & Keys/Codes Policy nanofab mfc_safety_tour_participant_checklist__0.pdf
Sample Intake Policy Policy azgc
Samples & Containers Policy flowcytometry
Tissue Samples Procedure electronimaging Tissue Samples Prep for TEM_0.pdf
Turn-around Time Policy flowcytometry
Use of BSL2 Materails Policy fgc
Yeast Cell Cycle with Sytox Green Procedure flowcytometry