Mission, Goals & Objectives

Purpose & Objectives

University-level Core Facilities (UCF) at the University of Arizona are supported and administered by the office for Research, Innovation & Impact (RII). UCFs are a cornerstone of university infrastructure whose purpose is to advance excellence in research and development, create new knowledge and human capital, and support external engagement and partnerships as an extension of the university’s land grant mission. UCFs achieve this purpose through four primary objectives:

  1. Research – enabling investigators to be at the forefront of their fields through centralized state-of-the-art instrumentation, specialized services, and expert consultation not available elsewhere on campus and, in many cases, within the region.
  2. Education – training students, faculty, and staff in cutting---edge capabilities and for hightech workforce preparation.
  3. Collaboration – creating an interdisciplinary network of facilities throughout campus for faculty, researchers and students from different departments and colleges as well as scientists in government and industry.
  4. Sustainability – managing complex facilities that are operationally efficient, comply with university, state and federal policies, require a balanced financial model of recharge revenue and institutional subsidies, and are accountable to a transparent, data-driven, review process.