Shared Governance

The primary mission of RII Core Facilities is to support research conducted on the University of Arizona campus. Our shared governance structure and processes are designed to help maximize the impact of limited resources towards accomplishing that broad mission. Our Faculty Research Advisory Committee (FRAC) members provide input on all aspects of operational and financial management of specific core facilities. The FRACs are asked to provide scientific guidance to advance the research capabilities of their specific core facility and may be asked to take the lead in developing proposals for internal and external funding. The leaders of the several FRACs meet at least annually with the RII Leadership. Faculty, staff, and student input is broadly solicited from users of the facilities in regular surveys.

RII is working with FRAC Leads, Associate Deans for Research, Senior Leadership and other stakeholders to convene an overarching institutional committee to help coordinate efforts and investments across all campus. This model requires a substantial amount of cooperation and coordination across units, but has been successful for many peer institutions. The RII Core Facilities Administrative team and their IT group is planning development of tools to help make this process more efficient and equitable moving forward.

The governance documents below were developed and reviewed in collaboration with the Research Policy Committee of the University of Arizona Faculty Senate.