Flow Cytometry Immune Monitoring Shared Resource


Publishing Data

We would appreciate it if the Cytometry Core Facility is mentioned in the acknowledgement section of any publication which includes results of data produced from the facility, and that an electronic copy of the paper be provided to the facility. This will help us justify upgrading services and equipment on grant applications.

Please cite the facility as: "UACC/ARL Cytometry Core Facility" and include the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG - CA 023074)

Methods Section of the Paper

Please use the links below to create the configuration specific to your application. Following is an example of a typical description. Please contact the lab personnel if you wish assistance with the wording:

Two-color flow cytometric analysis was performed using a FACScan flow cytometer (BDBiosciences, San Jose, CA) equipped with an air-cooled 15mW argon ion laser tuned to 488nm. The emission fluorescence of (yada, yada conjugated to IgG...blah blah...) was detected and recorded through a 530/30 bandpass filter in the FL1 channel. (Something red) was detected in the FL2 channel through a 585/42 bandpass filter. List mode data files consisting of 10,000 events gated on FSC (forward scatter) vs SSC (side scatter) were acquired and analyzed using CellQuest PRO software (BDBiosciences, San Jose, CA) at a rate of 200-400 events per second. Appropriate electronic compensation was adjusted by acquiring the cell populations stained with each dye/fluorophore individually, as well as an unstained control.