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Visium Spatial Gene Expression

10X Genomics Visium Assay

AZGC offers spatial transcriptomics powered by the 10X Visium Assay. Slides with pre-set capture areas (6.5mm x 6.5mm) each containing 5000 barcoded spots allows for near single cell whole transcriptome analysis.  This workflow allows to analyze  gene expression of cells with the context of the tissue morphology.


Visium worflow diagram

Image Credit: 10X Genomics

10x Visium - Spatial Gene Expression

Together with the Microscopy core, we provide full service, imaging and spatial gene expression workflow and sequencing. For more details about 10x Genomics Visium Spatial Gene Expression see:

Note- For a new tissue types, a tissue optimization must be performed prior to testing your sample materials. AZGC can assist with the planning of your experiment.

The Visium Assay can also be performed on FFPE-preserved tissues. Tissue qualification is recommended prior to using FFPE samples for this workflow.

Please contact: AZGC ( in order to discuss & plan for Visium Spatial Gene Expression projects.