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We appreciate that investigators recognize the support of the Arizona Genetics Core in the acknowledgment section of their publications. If you have published results using data produced from the Arizona Genetics Core, please provide a copy of your publication (electronic) to the facility for our archive (email: This will help us obtain the financial support necessary to operate and improve our facility. Arizona Genetics Core is happy to provide assistance with the review of materials and methods for work conducted through the laboratory.

For acknowledgments, please use:

Arizona Genetics Core, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

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Between 15 January 2021- 15 January 2023, AZGC services were accessed by 587 Researchers belonging to 391 Lab Groups from 139 Unique Institutions. During this time period AZGC completed 4447 Service Requests.

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EDUCATION- Hands-on access to our instrumentation and training enable our users to gain competencies and skills that will enhance their options to successfully complete, or further, their education and gives them a toolkit that will improve their scientific capabilities