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Transgenic Mouse Genotyping

The AZGC provides Transgenic Mouse Genotyping Services. Select your region of interest (see full below), or we can design a custom assay to genotype your specific line. New assays will be subject to a one-time consumable fee. Please contact our core for additional details.

General Information

Sample Input

We provide barcoded collection tubes pre-filled with extraction buffer. Simply add 2-4mm of tail tissue and return to the AZGC. Other tissues can be utilized, please email for details.

Expected Results

Depending on the locus, the AZGC utilizes a variety of methods to generate data on your samples, including fragment analysis and gel electrophoresis.

Note- We can return the remainder of your sample (as crude extract) after genotyping upon request. Samples not returned to researchers will be maintained in our lab for 90 days after genotyping. After 90 days the samples will be destroyed in keeping with our SOPs.


Sample Preparation Details

Sample collection tubes containing extraction buffer are provided. Contact AZGC to request by mail or pick up tubes from the AZGC submission freezer- Keating building 1st floor. Simply add 2-4mm of tail tissue to the tube and return to:
            Isabella Constantine/ AZGC
           1657 E Helen St Rm 106
           Tucson, AZ 85721

Samples with STE buffer can be shipped at ambient temperature. Local researchers may drop off samples in person Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Samples may be dropped off at Keating/BIO5 1st Floor AZGC Submission Freezer- Room 106D.

Other tissues can be utilized, please email for details.


How to get started with your sample submission:

 •  Log into iLab Operations Software and select Request Services.

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View AZGC Current Pricing

Academic (UA): $4.75 | Academic (non-UA): $5.70 | Industry:  $7.13 | Unit: Assay

Turnaround Time

5-7  business days

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Additional Information

The price listed above is per assay. Individual samples may be run for multiple assays. Does not include the price for DNA extraction.