Arizona Genetics Core


ThermoFisher KingFisher Flex

AZGC operates the Kingfisher Flex Automated Extraction Platform. This instrument uses magnetic bead chemistry to isolate and purify DNA or RNA from a variety of input materials. Typical extractions are performed in a 96-well plate for maximum processing throughput. Select sample types including whole blood may benefit from a 24-well plate isolation, which can accommodate a higher input sample volume. Contact AZGC today to discuss your sample isolation requirements.

Downstream QC recommendations include a fluorometric sample quantification as well as a quality analysis.

Isolated DNA or RNA can be returned to researchers in plates or tubes or retained at AZGC for subsequent testing protocols.

Samples and materials are only stored at AZGC for 3 months following the completion of service. Materials not requested for return will be disposed of in keeping with our SOPs 90 days after service is complete.


Automated DNA Extraction Robot