Arizona Genetics Core


llumina MiSeq

The Arizona Genetics Core offers Illumina MiSeq supported applications including DNASeq, RNAseq, targeted gene sequencing, Metagenomics (16S/custom), small genome sequencing, amplicon sequencing and other NGS pipelines.

DNA or RNA from a variety of sample types can be run on Illumina MiSeq including cells, tissue, and blood. We also offer DNA or RNA extraction for library prep.

Applications include:

  • Small Genome Sequencing (Shotgun/de novo)
  • Metagenome Analysis (16S/custom)
  • CHiPseq
  • miRNA profiling
  • Cancer Genomics (RUO)
  • RNASeq (transcriptome sequencing/expression analysis)
  • Library QC
  • Single Cell sequencing
  • Other supported and custom protocols (please inquire)
Illumina Miseq Instrument