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Cell Line Authentication

Cell Line Authentication

Contamination and misidentification of commercial cell lines can jeopardize your research. Cell line authentication can ensure the quality of your work by providing a DNA fingerprint for each of your human cell lines and tissue bank specimens.

General Information

Sample Input

AZGC accepts a variety of sample types, including genomic DNA, cell pellets, or tissue/tumor pieces. Samples requiring DNA Extraction will incur associated extraction charges. Please note - currently we only are able to perform human cell line authentication.

Expected Results

AZGC provides autosomal STR profiles suitable for verification using reference databases (such as ATCCDSMZJCRB and others) or we can internally validate samples unique to your lab. We provide researchers with PDF reports and if requested- sample profiles (allelic values) and electropherogram trace data.


Sample Preparation Details

Genomic DNA should be diluted to 5ng/µL in Low TE or HPLC water. 20µL (100ng) of genomic DNA is sufficient. If you use Nanodrop to quantify your samples please do not dilute your DNA prior to submission.

Cell pellets should contain at least 1x106 cells and are best stored in Lysis Buffer.

Tissue and tumor pieces should be approximately 5mg or the size of a small pea. If you have limited source tissue or expect low sample yield please contact AZGC to discuss the best DNA extraction method.

An electronic submission must be created in iLab Operations Software.

Samples may be shipped to:
AZGC c/o Liz Cox
1657 E Helen St Rm. 111
Tucson, AZ 85721


Testing details: Promega PowerPlex16HS Assay: 15 Autosomal Loci, X/Y
Random match probability approx. 1 in 1.83x1017


See AZGC current pricing

Academic (UA): $55.00 | Academic (non-UA): $66.00 | Industry: $82.50 | Unit: Sample

Turnaround Time

5-7 working days

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DNA Extraction from cell pellets, tumors, or tissue

Samples are maintained in the lab for 1 month after results are returned to the user, unless other/long-term storage has been requested.

Additional Information

We recommend authentication upon receipt or establishment of a new cell line/specimen, after several passages, and periodically during the life of the research line.

Sample profiles may be compared to other cell lines in this submission or from previous submissions from the same lab group free of additional charge.

Sample profile comparisons to source databases or identification of an unknown genotype or cell line may incur additional analysis charges.

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