Analytical & Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility


Bruker solariX 2XR FTMS

The SolariX MRMS (Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry) instrument is interfaced with a magnetic field strength of 9.4T. The SolariX 2xR instrument uses magnetron control technology and a newly developed, high sensitivity, low noise preamplifier  and therefore increased the experimental speed and instrument productivity. Compared to other FTMS techniques SolariX features a combination of latest MRMS, ParaCell XR, and Magnetron control technology. By incorporating the highest possible mass spec resolving power available, routine access to isotopic fine structure (IFS) information for a broad mass range delivers an additional dimension in data compared to other types of mass spectrometers for a wide variety of applications. 

solariX 2XR FTMS